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Our fleet

We offer airport transfer service to everyone and for all needs. We are proud of our extensive fleet of cars and services that fer. From modern comfortable buses to luxurious high class cars. Read all about the fleet here.

Airport Direct Economy

Iveco Evadys

On our Airport Direct Economy we operate a brand new fleet of Iveco Evadys with seats for 53 people.
Evadys are Middle Deckers bus category, which means that they have a lower frame than usual tour buses. This
provides a greater advantage when driving in the extreme winds of Iceland. All the buses have USB chargers
and screens in every seat. Seats have been adjusted in order to provide more leg room.
All seats can be adjusted from side to side to provide even more space. 


Luxury Airport Transfer

Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes Benz E-class has elegance in the design, flowing shapes that catch the eye.
Extremely comfortable seats with massage. All the cars have high-speed 4G internet.

Mercedes Benz V-Class

The V-class is a spacious sedan, combining elegance, comfort, style and luxury on a larger scale.
Innovative safety system, powerful engine, flexible seating and unique format makes this car
extremely comfortable to travel in. The cars all have high speed 4G internet.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Executive style of Mercedes Sprinter with High speed 4G internet.

Private Airport Transfer

Scoda Superb, limo edition. (1-4 passenger vehicle)

Scoda Superb limo edition has an elegance and luxurious design.
With modern assistive technology.

Ford Tourneo (5-8 passenger vehicle)

Comfortable mini-van, with advanced technology.  
Flexible seats, good luggage space.


Mercedes Benz Citaro

A single-decker bus manufactured by Mercedes Benz. The spacious interior offers both seating and standing areas along with space for luggage and other items.

Ford Transit

14 passenger Ford Transit, a nimble way to get to and from the Reykjavik Sightseeing terminal. This spacious vehicle offers plenty of space should you need to luggage along.

Destination Blue Lagoon

Iveco Magelys

A spacious and well-lit interior provides a high level of comfort for trips to and from the Blue Lagoon.